A Magical Menagerie: Discover the Topiary Garden


A 6-foot-tall, 200-pound gorilla, near life-size lions, and a family of sheep are just a few members of the sculptural menagerie adorning the LEVEL THREE rooftop terrace near Treats Food Hall. It’s a must-visit for selfie lovers, art aficionados, and TikTok influencers alike.

Topiary Garden

Presented by LEVEL THREE and BachoUSA, the Topiary Garden is more than an activation. It’s a surrealist, immersive experience created by renowned landscape art factory BachoUSA. It incorporates pristine, meticulously trimmed vegetation designed in unique shapes, including animals, people, and fantasy characters.

Elephants - Topiary G

While the outdoor terrace has long been a popular photo destination, both for its scenic views and vibrant “Cherish Home” mural, the Topiary Garden is an unconventional, yet ideal addition. It stands amongst the terrace’s contemporary design while complementing the eclectic nature of the space.

Rhino Topiary Garden

“Aventura Mall is one of the biggest and most famous shopping centers in South Florida,” noted BachoUSA representative Peter Sassa. “It’s the perfect venue for high art, including our topiary sculptures.”

An ancient artistic practice, topiary gardens were once considered a marker of wealth and luxury in the Roman Empire.

Gorilla-Topiary Garden Level Three Venue

Though topiaries are traditionally made with organic foliage, BachoUSA takes an unconventional approach that combines art with modern technology. Each design is sketched and sculpted out of a fiberglass material and then covered with high-quality, contaminant-free artificial grass. The result is a mesmerizing spectacle that will delight the entire family.

Visit the Topiary Garden on the LEVEL THREE rooftop terrace outside Treats Food Hall. For more information, call (305) 935-1110.

Topiaries provided by @bachousa, event rentals provided by @lavisheventrentals.