LEVEL THREE: The Place for Every Intimate Event

From weddings, birthdays, graduations and every celebration in between, this year has provided a set of challenges none of us could have foreseen. As we have navigated these uncertain waters, new and unique ways of celebrating have emerged. Having those closest to you is still a possibility, and the ability for larger groups to log in virtually has even given those that might not have been able to join your celebration a bird’s eye view.

How do you make celebrations, well, still feel like celebrations?

It’s Still Your Dream Day

Have you had your heart set on a specific date all year? Don’t pass it up. Enjoy an intimate gathering with a small group of your closest family and friends or even a “minimony” with just the two of you. Write your vows, enjoy the first dance and capture every moment of your special day.

In Full Bloom

One of the benefits of intimate gatherings is the reduced need for décor elements that you don’t get to fully enjoy. Instead of tables and tables of center pieces, let the floral focus take full bloom on your chuppah, aisle way, backdrop and wedding bouquet.

Flowers in Full Bloom

Table, Please

Couture linen and curated collection of…rentals? Yes, you heard us correctly. Without 20 tables to arrange, focus on the handful of exquisite creations that can be dreamt with the most unique tablescape designs. From ceiling to table think vintage furniture, china, 1920’s glassware, suspended lighting and floral. From the two of you to ten guests, set the table and let the memories begin!

Table Flowers


Looking for a more unique way to create an entrance, backdrop or just a very Instagrammable moment? Balloons are no longer reserved for kids’ parties or limited to floating spheres. The not so casual, and making their way into oh so chic, balloon designs – in bridal white, perfectly pastel or rainbow hued – are a wow factor for all events.


The Perfect Officiant

What do Lance Bass, Jimmy Kimmel and Lady Gaga have in common? They’ve all officiated weddings! While most couples seek officiants inside their faith or spiritual community, there are other options to perfectly personalize your nuptials. Whether your dearest friend, family member, pastor, rabbi or celebrity, a deeply personal connection will make your ceremony that much more memorable for you and your guests.

The Perfect Officiant

Capture the Moment

Looking back on the photos and video of your day is something that you’ll have for a lifetime. And now, your film can be an immersive way to share your special day with friends and family, near or far, both live and after your event. When searching for your photographer, have a clear idea of the aesthetic you are looking for – identify those that connect with your style, personality, location and design. Photographers are specializing in everything from doorstep moments to elopement and it isn’t one size fits all. And please, leave it to the professionals. You won’t regret it.

Capture the Moment

It’s No Small Affair

There comes an important time when you move from envisioning your wedding or event to the decisions that make it a reality. No matter how large or small, bespoke experiences many times are best fulfilled with professional planners that can provide a full-service approach, trusted vendors and deliver a fully designed celebration.

It's No Small Affair