The Collection, Museum Quality Art Installations

Chic, modern, captivating — LEVEL THREE is a destination that ascends above the conventional realm of event spaces. Stepping into the expansive venue is akin to entering a museum brimming with opportunities to share a fresh perspective. From the contemporary architecture to the sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows, every modicum of the 25,000 square-foot space brims with intention. You aren’t just attending an event, you’re entering a cultural experience.

LEVEL THREE’s rooftop terrace holds a special charm as an exotic oasis for you to discover. As if encountering the Secret Garden, you will be stunned by the terrace’s lush landscaping and enchanting views. Aside from admiring a picturesque skyline, you have the opportunity to see exquisite museum-quality creations from renowned artists.

The first eye-catching piece will undoubtedly be Aventura Slide Tower, a nearly 93-foot tall spiral structure by Belgian artist Carsten Höller. The sky-high structure blends art with play, living a double life as both a unique piece and a thrilling slide. The inimitable creation is a signature of Höller, who is known globally for his larger-than-life structures. Aventura Slide Tower is the artist’s first slide in the United States, giving you an incredible opportunity to gaze at a rare and exclusive piece of art.   

When your eyes wander to the lower level courtyard, you’ll find a delightful, thought-provoking sculpture from The Haas Brothers. The spirited Gorillas in the Mist fountain boasts of a whimsical mystique that leaves you smiling. The bronze sculpture is comprised of three gorillas and four tall trees that spout water to create an evocative playground. Depending on the interpretation of the viewer, Gorillas in the Mist can be both calming and titillating. Twins Nikolai and Simon Haas designed the sculpture to signify “the roles that certain people can play: a partner, a good friend, and a child.”

When visiting LEVEL THREE, you will also be drawn to the vibrant work of Florida artist Nate Dee. His intricate painting, serving as a backdrop to the rooftop terrace, embodies more meaning than what initially meets the eye. Cherish Home pays homage to the endangered species that grace our home state. The iconic Florida panther gazes at the Miami blue butterfly over a bed of vividly hued Florida cone flowers. Dee’s work reminds us that the world’s wonders are ephemeral when human greed gets in the way of nature’s beauty.  

Art converges with elegance at LEVEL THREE, making the venue the perfect backdrop to any event. Engage all five senses and expand cultural horizons as you embark on your experience.