One of South Florida’s most exclusive, sought after venues.

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A Unique Destination

Fulfilling an unmet need in North Miami, LEVEL THREE was conceived to create an exclusive contemporary venue, a uniquely alluring destination that would draw individuals and organizations into our beautiful community. Developed by Turnberry—one of the premier real estate development companies—LEVEL THREE leverages a heritage of extraordinary quality and attention to detail.

Exclusive: Venue

“The architecture literally opens up and embraces both the courtyard and garden, creating an intimate exchange between inside and outside.”

LEVEL THREE Architect, Award-Winning
Carlos Zapata

LEVEL THREE isn’t just about architectural prowess, urban aesthetics, and transformable spaces. At the heart of who we are is an unwavering commitment to unsurpassed experiences and forging enduring relationships with our clients. We treat every single event with the highest level of care, believing that at our venue all experiences should be nothing short of exceptional.