The 2019 Wedding Trends to Watch

Love is in the air! With 8 of the 10 top wedding dates of 2019 falling in September and October, we’re geared up and ready for what’s new and next in weddings this year.
September 24, 2019/by level3venue

Curated Event Design: Nuage Design and LEVEL THREE

On August 28, LEVEL THREE hosted Nuage Designs, a South Florida-based leader in couture linens, accessories, and furniture, for an exceptional experience highlighted by intricate patterns, vivid floral installations, and suspended chandeliers that created a one-of-a-kind backdrop.
September 20, 2019/by level3venue

The Art of Jewish Weddings Across Cultures

The true beauty of Jewish weddings is the unique interpretation of each rich tradition. Unveiling the bride during the bedeken, wedding nuptials under the chuppah, dancing the horah, and feasting on delicious traditional fare are all key elements of most Jewish weddings.
September 20, 2019/by level3venue

Color Trends of the Season

Spring’s color palette is nothing short of jubilant. Gone are the days of winter’s moody and intense attitude.
June 5, 2019/by level3venue

Behind the Camera with DC&CO

Photographs and video have the power to shape conversations, tell a story, evoke emotion and inspire movements.
June 4, 2019/by level3venue

Curated Event Design: Nathalie Cadet-James

When it comes to event planning, Nathalie Cadet-James is practically a magician.
June 3, 2019/by level3venue

The Collection, Museum Quality Art Installations

Chic, modern, captivating — LEVEL THREE is a destination that ascends above the conventional realm of event spaces.
June 2, 2019/by level3venue

Floral Trends of the Season

Crafted with precision and intention, floral arrangements are living works of art that set the tone for special events. Bouquets, centerpieces, and elaborate floral structures have the power to evoke an ignited vitality that adds warmth to every celebration.
June 2, 2019/by level3venue

2019 Pantone Wedding Color Palettes

From table linens to party favors, colors impact every item of the event, therefore, having a cohesive palette is crucial. A party’s palette bears a purpose much deeper than aesthetics alone.
June 1, 2019/by level3venue