Floral Trends of the Season

Crafted with precision and intention, floral arrangements are living works of art that set the tone for special events. Bouquets, centerpieces, and elaborate floral structures have the power to evoke an ignited vitality that adds warmth to every celebration. As the spring season flourishes, there are four ascending event trends that top our floral forecast.

Coral Craze

The days of muted, monochromatic flowers are in the past. Bold flowers have made a comeback and Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, is leading the way. The color is having a ripple effect in fashion, art, and events. The bright, aflush hue has become a favorite among floral designers for weddings and daytime festivities. Whether incorporating a color pop into gala centerpieces or crafting vibrant bridal bouquet, coral adds an effervescent radiance to any room.

A Crescendo in Bloom

The duality of dark and light can add dimension and distinction to any floral arrangement. One major trend this season is weaving high and low notes together to produce a symphony in bloom. Blending fuchsia-hued peonies with blush garden roses creates a diverse, yet cohesive, arrangement that evokes stylish sophistication. The marriage of these subdued and expressive blossoms is crafting elegant pieces of art for the eye to dissect. A crescendo of dark and light, this stunning palette is perfect for tastemaker events like runway shows, fundraisers, and award ceremonies.

Bohemian-inspired Foliage

Lush greenery is becoming more than a second thought in floral arrangements. It has taken the spotlight this season, inspiring bohemian style bouquets and freshly-cut tablescapes. Now more than ever, florists are utilizing verdant ferns, silver dollar eucalyptus, soft dusty miller leaves, and even succulents. The earthy adornments bring the environment into any venue, transporting party guests into an enchanted forest. Whether used as garland or incorporated into centerpieces, the leaves are a seasonal staple. The bohemian trend continues to be a popular concept for bridal showers, engagement parties, baby showers, and weddings in 2019.

Seasonal, Sustainable Flowers

As environmental awareness continues to be an important talking point, the sustainability movement is shining through every aperture of our lives. Being eco-friendly is deeper than recycling aluminum cans and cutting out plastic straws. While lavish events are known for opulence and abundance, event planners are finding ways to help festivities meet the demands of sustainable lifestyles. One simple way to throw an environmentally sound fete is choosing seasonal, locally-grown flowers.

Sustainability is a fitting feel-good trend for eco-centric nuptials, mission-driven company luncheons, and fundraising galas. Using in-season flowers can rid your celebration of unnecessary waste that’s incurred when importing floral arrangements. Instead of wasting packaging materials and emissions caused by transportation, you can shop small and have flowers delivered by a local farm to support the environment. Also, incorporate local wildflowers and year-long blossoms, like hydrangeas, to give a nod to the city’s natural beauty.