Design Tips for Your Event at LEVEL THREE

BY: KeAira Chantell, KeAira Chantell Events
PHOTOS: Stanlo Photography

As an event planner and designer, I am constantly seeking event spaces just as amazing as the clients I service. I hit the jackpot when I discovered LEVEL THREE, as it is one of South Florida’s hottest new venues. With a blank, yet modern canvas, it allows for the opportunity to design an event experience with endless imagination. Here are my tips for those looking to host an intimate wedding or event at this luxurious space.

Terrace Event space

Make a Statement From the Start

We all know that first impressions are everything, so aim to wow your guests from the moment they arrive! A great way to achieve this is to place a stylish photo-op near the entrance of your event. This will allow your photographer to capture your guests upon arrival, looking their absolute best. Placing the photo area on LEVEL THREE’s terrace is an ideal spot, as a statement piece will greet guests as soon as they exit the elevator.

Uniquely Brand Your Event

Personalized branding is the first step in curating a truly unique event. Consider working with a graphic artist and/or stationer to design a custom monogram that may be used on items such as menu cards, pillows, drink stirrers, and more. These branded touchpoints will ensure your guests never forget whose event it is! Another effective way to brand your event is through the use of patterns, which can serve as an eye-catching and impactful design element when incorporated on items such as invitations or the dance floor.

Take Advantage of the Outside Terrace

What I love about LEVEL THREE is that there is not only an inside function space, but also an outside space included in the venue rental. The terrace is definitely spacious enough to facilitate a socially distant event set-up. It may be used as a pre-function, wedding ceremony, or cocktail hour area before transitioning inside. Avoid a monotonous layout by using a mixture of cocktail tables and lounge couches to add depth to the design.

Think Beyond the Centerpieces

Floral design plays a major role in creating a lavish affair, with table centerpieces usually being the focal point. While it is a no-brainer to place emphasis on beautiful blooms in opulent vases, go the extra mile and think beyond the table. LEVEL THREE has rigging points in the ceiling that allow for stress-free suspensions of whatever you may dream of. Hanging roses and candles above the dinner table is sure to be a conversation starter.

Place Major Emphasis on Mini Foods

A flavorsome menu is a must for any type of event. While a hearty dinner may be served, guests may regain an appetite from dancing throughout the evening. Therefore, small bites are the perfect solution to late night hunger. Serving mini items, such as sliders, French fries, and tacos, on passed trays makes it easy for guests to grab their food choice without interrupting the fun. Presentation is everything, so use this as another unique branding moment by including acrylic food tents and monogrammed food holders.

Elevate Your Dessert Display

Every special celebration requires an equally special cake (and desserts, too). Of course, you may opt to set up your cake and desserts on a standard table, but why not take it up a notch? For this event, we took advantage of the high ceilings in the inside space and designed a custom velvet structure to display the cake and desserts. When it comes to the sweets, the goal is to be decorative and delicious.